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Principles of Least Technology.


I have very strong opinions on certain things, especially in Web Design. Lately I've been forming the Principles of Least Technology - the idea that if you can accomplish the same effect using multiple technologies, you should use the oldest technology available. Why use a Flashy navigation when CSS and rollovers may be just as well? Even though browser compatibility and high resolution computers are less of problem than they used to be, there are still micro-devices to worry about - like PDAs, cellphones, and the Nintendo DS.

But I can't get my tables to behave quite properly when I'm using them to wrangle advanced graphic effects like you've seen here. Perhaps it's time to haul my ass out of 1999 and get more CSS on.

Free Geek.


File this under the category of evangelism. Free Geek is an awesome Portland OR non-profit. Their basic mission is to recycle old computer equipment, and rebuild working Linux machines to give to the community. People can put in 'sweat-equity' to get one of these computers. FreeGeek also offers computer education courses and a thrifty computer-parts store. For me, the most imporant thing is to have a place to take my old junk, where they'll put it too a good, non-landfill use. If you have junk - consider them.

Worst Job Ever.


The Pew Pew Science Lab has the discovered the offical worst job ever - the police officer who pretends to be an under-age teen in chatrooms so as to bait criminal molesters into face-to-face meetings and jailarity. This guy must behave like a 14 year old girl, commit and witness gross punctuation errors, and see dirty images of the molester. Eww.

It's a noble undertaking, and important work to do, but I sure do pity the fool.

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