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Constant Vigilance.


I could have been T-Boned last week. But thanks to my driving instructor and my own paranoia, the Babydoll (Subaru Forester) and I are both fine.

I was stopped at a red light waiting to go straight. There was a separate left turn lane next to me with a big red van, also waiting for the green light. We got our green, so we started rolling forward.

While doing so, I took a peek down the left and right cross street, and saw nothing. I usually do this when I'm first into an intersection. It's a good habit since so many people do run red lights. I didn't notice anything, but I did see the red van stop, so I looked left again and saw a white van barrelling though the intersection. So I stopped and didn't get hit. After Runny-McRed-Light went though, I continued on my way.

It was no big deal at the time, but it's kinda scary in retrospect. That guy was hauling ass - obviously punching it to 'make the light' from his side. If he'd hit me, I'd have been in a bad way. I guess what I'm preaching here is constant vigilance - Mad Eye Moody style. After all, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. And they are.



I have successfully acquired an Animal Crossing item from Toys R Us. The first time I went, the tag mode just traded bottle notes with some mouth-breather named Jerry, who couldn't even write a proper message.

I went back the next day, stood right in front of AC placard and got my item. Then, and this was only for scientific record, I sent off another bottle note and got a second of the same item. Sweeet!

Now I have two Starmen - invincibility stars. They make the famous 'invincibility music' when they're placed in one's house. Anyone want one? Got anything good to trade?



Wow. Now I have 2 distinct humans reading this drivel. Guess I better put up some new pictures. Last Friday (when it was 105 °) my department went white water rafting as a team building excersize. It was incredibly fun. There is no better way to cool off than a raft full of the Clackamas River. It was sublime.

Hmm.. More links to me means more a better Google ranking and more free Software. These folks offer 'link for register' programs:

Tetris DS.


Tetris DS is pretty damn good. It's back-of-your-eyelids good.

Unlike professional game journalists, I haven't already played Tetris to death. Though I've played my fair share of Tetris, I'm thoroughly enjoying this superb version of it. All the new modes are fun takes on your basic Tetris formula, changing it just enough to please me.

WiFi play is hella-fun. I often play during 'breaks' with my colleagues at work. I've played online (random WiFi opponents), and I'm please to report that I haven't had my ass handed to me too many times. I've even won a few matches. I was slightly creeped out to think that my opponents could be sitting on the can while playing...

PS - There's some kind of special item for Animal Crossing if you visit Toys R Us. I'll let you know how it works out.

Hello New Games.


Last week the husband and I traded-in some old DVDs into Hollywood Video. We took in a bag full of stuff we weren't watching and got $40 on a gift card. We took that straight over to GameCrazy, and got 2 brand new games - Tetris DS and Halflife 2. Pretty damn sweet, I say.

I Heart Dell.


I got a new monitor to replace my archaic 17" tube. Now I've got a Dell 20.1 Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor. It's unbelievably awesome. I can't imagine how I ever got by with a wimpy 1024 pixels of width when I now have 1680 glorious pixels. Now in Photoshop, I can see all my tools, and the image I'm editing. When coding, I can see whole lines of code at once. It's got mulitple inputs (including S-Video and DVI) and it's a 4 port powered hub. I can finally charge my iPod when the computer is off! And, it matches my very sexy Antec Aria case. So awesome.

Soo funny!


The newly discovered GameSetWatch has a web comic that can't be missed. Click and enjoy.

Also, check out this hilarious burn of bad movie-tie-in-video-games, courtesty of Cnet and Game|Life:

Plugging your game controller into a ham sandwich while pushing buttons and making your own sound effects is more engaging.

Saga of the Painters.


I finally finished getting estimates from painters and the chosen one will start tomorrow. We selected the first one to come out and give a bid, who is now giving us a great deal. The second guy to come out was Mr. 90 Minutes Late Lowball who gave me the cold pricklies. The third gave a bid $900 lower than the first guy, and with $900 worth of extra services. I was then able to talk the first guy into matching the third's package. Score.

Public Service Annoucement.


Here's a public service announcement: There is a vaccine against some strains of HPV, which is a reasonably high risk factor for cervical cancer. (Article) Hooray for modern medical science!

5th of July.


The 4th was awesome. But I'm soooo tired today. We should get the 5th off too. Or at least formalize it as 'National Sleep-In Day'. After all, we were up very late last night blowing things up, and fighting traffic. I bet 'National Sleep-In Day' would be more popular than CSS Naked Day.

PS - We had a painter show up on time today to give me a bid. Yes! The last guy showed up 80 minutes late, and the dude before that didn't show at all. It's sad when you points just for showing up.

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