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I'm only going to try so hard.


A painter was supposed to come tonight and give me a bid for painting. I waited, he didn't show up, didn't call. At least I got some Animal Crossing done. I am sooo done with him & moving on to the next guy. I'm not the one who should be working hard to get the damn vendors over here. Crikey.

PS - I saw a commercial on TV for HeadOn - the mysterious forehead product. The TV commercial said just as much as the radio commercial, but there was also an image of a woman wiping deodorant on her head. Crazy mouth-breathing idiots.

Happy Happy.


As previously mentioned, the Web Developer extension for Firefox is freaking awesome. I'm awed (again) by it's wonderfulness. You can outline your CSS elements to see who's got the freaky-large border, view your print and handheld stylesheets, and even disable CSS altogether to check for web standards / accessibilty issues. And that's only one little menu! It makes me feel like this. See the Penny Arcade Journal for info on the image.

Monopoly Secrets.


We had a Monopoly-off at my mom's house today. Long story short - I won. Here are the secrets:

Here's a chart of Monopoly squares & percentage of landing. It might be interesting to see how the probabilies change when using a single 12-sided die instead of 2 6 sided dice. I assure you it'd be a totally different game.

Web Devloper Extension.


I'm deep in the world of CSS and I've been going through 2 of the best references on the topic. They are Web Design in a Nutshell and Bulletproof Web Design. Both are immensely informative, succinct and astoundingly useful. Both of these authoritative tomes reccomend the Web Developer extension for Firefox, as an aid to web development. It's soooo awesome - if you web designers out there haven't tried it yet... Well, you just suck.

What Is It?


I heard a radio commercial for a product called HeadOn. The commercial said nothing about what the product was for, or what it did. The only thing I got out of it was that it's applied directly to your forehead. I Googled and learned from some reseller sites that it's a headache remedy.

The official HeadOn website was even more vaporous and unhelpful. It's as if someone set to create a commercial website that says absolutely nothing about the product. Good job, I say. Also a complaint about the source code - they're using an image map for their linked navigation images. I know that websites are supposed to avoid table-based navigation (what with CSS2 and everything) but I'm pretty sure image maps aren't a good replacement!

PS - The roofer came by today and picked up his damn shingles. I don't imagine that he (or anybody) reads this, so it must have been the Blog-fairies. Thank you Blog-fairies!

How'd He Do That?


I'm diving into the world of table-free / uber-CSS design. In the course of my research, I found Holy crap, that is pretty. And it's all CSS - none of that bleeding-edge Flash foolishness. Damn. Color me a bright red shade of impressed.

Good CSS design should also improve site accessibility for small-form devices like PDAs, cellphones, and the Nintendo DS. This matters! I tried checking my imaginary movie stocks on my Palm Tungsten E2, and it was a total train wreck. Yuck. But Woot was super-useable. That's how they roll.

Damn Roofer.


We had the roof on our house replaced a few weeks ago. The roofer we choose did great work, but there are some things that still bug me about the whole affair.

He's got bad follow-up; when he says he'll call back, and I wait past the expceted date, he offers excuses, and sounds irritated when I call him. In fact, that's the second thing - he always sounds irritated on the phone. He really needs to work on those phone manners, though he's very sweet in person.

And he's still got the stack of leftover shingling in our yard. It's been a month! And when I called him to say 'Come pick it up.' he was irritated again. Sheesh.



Thanks to the good folks at Woot, the hubby and I got ourselves a Roomba. It's a seriously cute robotic vacuum. When we first set it off, we followed it around the house watching it bump into stuff and change direction, and get temporarily stuck under tables. I love it! Now instead of infrequently vacuuming the house , I prepare the house for Roomba, and empty the Roomba when it's done.

Did you ever read the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Or see that awful movie with Johnny Depp? Well, now I'm like Charlie's dad. Instead of vacuuming, I maintain the robot that vacuums. It's way better this way.

Google Analytics.


I just got pretty much the best email ever. Finally, I got my invitation to Google Analytics. Since I'm a hugely cheap web geek with lots of sites to manage, I'm excited by these kinds of things. It was very easy to set up GA up for a half-dozen different sites I run. Want your own? Go request an invite. I had to wait a couple months - but free is a very good price.

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