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iPod & Accessory Costs.


iPod Cost Pie ChartMy husband's got an iPod and I'm becoming increasingly amazed at the amount and cost of accessories required to keep the iPod happy. Check out the chart I've created to illustrate this. The details:

Item Cost Details
Earbud Covers $5 Silicone covers for earbuds - OEM covers kept falling off.
Car Kit $15 Car charger and line out for tape adapter.
Cable $15 A second cable was required to connect the iPod to the work computer.
Tape Adapter $20 Takes line out from car kit.
Case $35 Leather flip case with belt clip.
Bad Dock $40 This dock made a high pitched noise, and wouldn't accept remote input as promised. Originally $100, resold for $60.
Good Dock $150 DLO Home Dock. Works great. Includes cables.
iPod $415 60 Gig Video iPod. Free engraving, but $15 for expedited shipping.


Stupid Trailblazers.


The Portland Trailblazers is jerks. Seriously. They finished 2006 with the worst record in the league. Some jerk-player was on T.V. saying it was too rainy here in Portland and it made him sad so he had to go play his X-box. And they they want the city to pay for stadium improvements? Like we don't have schools to pay for? The Seattle Sonics have been saying the same thing - and both teams have pretty new stadiums. Let them go, I say.

On the other hand, I got very excited when I heard that Terry Porter had intentions of buying the Trailblazers. Deep in my heart, I remembered the good old days when they could play passionately, as a team, and be good guys. But how many times can a girl be burned?

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