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Mobile Phone Follies.


Recently, my mother pointed out a phenomenon that I'd also noticed. To wit, that the preponderance of cell phones causes incomplete, spur of the moment planning. Cell phone owners can become spastic, as if waiting for some magical answer to materialize in the very last minute before a meeting. How tedious.

Several months ago, a relative wrote a article pointing out that with land line telephones, calling a number would get you a known location, but an unknown person at that location. With cell phones, you are calling a known person at an unknown location. We must be seeing more negative aspects of that effect.

Plan. Just do what you would have done a mere 5 years ago, before everyone had a cellphone.

Good Writing.


While writing some documentation, I again thought about the need for preciseness of words. A writer needs to use quite a different vocabulary than a speaker. For instance when speaking, one could say 'You have to turn it on first.' But when writing it's more clear to say 'First, one must turn the T.V.'s power on.'

The written word has no context, and no chance to correct it's meaning when the reader is confused.

Also note my frequent use of 'one' to instead of 'you'. I don't mean 'less than two', but I also don't mean 'you personally'. Using 'one' is a more formal choice, but I think it classes the joint up a tad.

If you're still interested in this train of thought, peep these succint and informative articles from Wikipedia. They can apply to much more than just Wikipedia.

New Words.


The Pew Pew Science Lab has uncovered new words and phrases for your enjoyment.

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