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Snow Snow!!

Snow Snow!
Snow, snow, quiet and pretty.
Snow, snow, all over the city.
excerpt from “Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow” by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians

Today, Seattle was snowed in. Most of the schools were closed, and the morning traffic report was dreadful, even for Seattle. Sure, the boss managed to get to the office downtown and claimed there was no snow on the streets. But a good 2/3rds of us stayed at home and did the tele-commute thing. Acutally, a large portion of my morning was spent getting the Remote Desktop working, but it was good for a while. We went shopping at about 3pm, and barely managed to get over the icy icy hill that is our only way out. If there's precipiation tomorrow (as expected), we'll be holed up another day.

Better to stay and be safe though. The husband's best friend for life (and 3 other) drove up from Portland to go to the Seahawks game last night. (Seahawks over Greenbay, whoo!) The football fans had arranged with us to crash at our apartment, (rather than on I-5 for instance), and I advised they bring tire chains, an air matress, and sleeping bags. They never showed, and I later heard that they got home about 11 am today! Apparently I-5 was shut down for a time, and of course all the hotels & motels on the way were booked. Poor foolish bastards. "It looks OK downtown" is a poor indicator for the rest of the drive through the increasingly darker, colder, and more remote freeways.

Natural Lighting.


Katie's cube/office.  It's got a window.As much of a pain in the ass as moving to Seattle has been, I must say I love my new job. First off, check out these pictures of my cube/office. Yup. That's a window I've got - with a 16th story high view of downtown Seattle. A window! I can watch stuff. Like the weather (Thunder and lighting rolled through shortly after these pictures were taken.) or window washers or traffic. The other side of the building, with the conference room, has a great view onto Elliot Bay.

Aside from being delighted at my window, here are some important reasons I love the job.

Previous job coworkers: I miss you too. You were all awesome, and every tool, challenge, and encouragement you gave me helped me get where I am. You know who you are. Thank you.

MooglePS. Gamecrazy's deals for Black Friday include both Final Fantasy III (DS) and Final Fantasy XII (PS2) for $30. Holy moogles, batman!



I must quit leaving the office without my coat. It's cold and drippy in downtown Seattle. Anyway, I delievered the package to the post office. We sent a package to Japan - roughly $20 for stuff, and $43 for shipping. Next time we're just sending cotton candy.

More importantly, the hubby and I are coming down to Portland over Thanksgiving day weekend. We've got Thanksgiving day dinner with my mom, and a hockey game on Saturday night. The other days will be somewhere inbetween dull beyond imaging, or busy to the point of strangulation. We haven't figured it out yet. In any case, we'll be missing our annual Black Friday tradition of not leaving the house, and watching 12 hours (that's 3 movies at 4 hours each) of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in our pajamas. It's probably for the best.

Say it, Frenchie!


The office building I work at in downtown Seattle is one one of half a dozen that are owned by the University of Washington. Several of the other offices in the building are UW Medicine offices. So our little internet company is sitting on top of a medical-class-UPS and an internet backbone.

The Mayor of Seattle declared that today was 'International Chowder Day'. (You'll see how these 2 topics are related soon.) I'm not sure how eating a creamy bowl of seafood helps to honor our fighting forces, but it does mean that Duke's Chowder Bar, at the bottom of our building, was giving away bowls of chowder.

I've found that the maxim "There's no such thing as a free lunch." usually holds true. So I was expecting to have to wait through a long line for my "free" lunch. But due to the UW folks having the day off (like the banks and post office), I was back at my desk within 5 minutes. Very convenient!

Six String Samurai & Lost Domains


It's election day. The strip joint in downtown Seattle calls it 'Erection Day'. Heh heh. Being a voter-by-mail, I got my ballot in the mail last week.

This weekend, the hubby and I watched The Six String Samurai. We'd been wanting (at a low intensity) to rent it for quite some time, but could never find it at the video store. But at the apartment we now have super-duper froo-froo cable, with OnDemand. And lo and behold, the SSS was one of the available selections.

On the whole, I enjoyed it. It was 20 minutes or so into the flick before I could properly suspend my disbelief and get into the groove. (Where did post-apocolyptic cavemen get gumballs? Who are those 3 dudes with Death, if not Famine, War and Pestilence?) Still, I found it charming and absolutely oozing coolness.

A side note: The distributor's banner at the beginning of the flick advertised their homepage as It most certainly is not. is the site where I play the imaginary movie stock market. So I wonder if the SSS distributor went out of business, or if their web admin screwed up big time? Reminds me of the folks at Universal Tubing - a plastics manufacturer. Their domain is Poor bastards. They really should have bought the variant domains a long time ago.

Screw You Fat Cats.


There's a song I wanted, just one single track. I would have bought it from iTunes ($.99), but you can only get the single track by buying the whole album ($9.99). Every other song on the album is available separately, just not the one track that I want. Bastards! (I'm pertty sure the recording label is the bastards, not Apple.) But I showed them. I found a single with the track I want, and 2 remixes, for only $5 at Everyday Music, as a used import. Ha! You get nothing, corporate fat cats!

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