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Disappointment and Baking.


It's nearly 9pm on Halloween night. We've had one group of exactly 7 trick-or-treaters, and I'm very disappointed about that. I blame terrorists. My mom blames Super Nanny. As Linus says this time of year, "We're obviously separated by denominational differences."

Last night, I made some halloween cupcakes, which really turned out quite good. I also made frosting using the 7 Minute Frosting recipe, which turned into a culinary train wreck. I discovered far too late that I had corn starch instead of corn syrup. I tossed caution to the wind, and threw in extra sugar and water. I was also missing a hand mixer, so gave the whole double-boiling mixture as much vigorous hand whipping as I could, and then some extra time on the KitchenAide. It looked okay, if a little marshmallowy, so I dyed half of it orange and put it in fridge. I intended to frost the cupcakes tonight.

Today, the refrigerated frosting was too stiff. I added a tad of water and microwaved it, which just didn't mix well. I ended up with a watery, gloppy orange mess. So I used my old stand-by method - powdered sugar cut-outs. I cut some ghost and bat shapes out of paper, placed those on a cupcake, and sprinkled powdered sugar over that. It turned out pretty cute, and still damn tasty. I still miss the trick-or-treaters, though.



It's been a while since last I wrote. I've been busy. The process of moving has been a whirlwind of putting crap into boxes, hauling those heavy S.O.Bs into a vehicle, driving to Seattle, and then the reverse of all that. Our apartment had just turned the corner from 'rooms full of boxes' to 'living space with boxes'. Then we went down to Portland and got more crap, and also bought new crap from Ikea. Now I've gotta find a storage place, and a gym. So it's been busy.

Since I was moving, I had to give notice at my old job (making web reports for Hollywood Video). I loved that job - best group of people I've ever worked with, and I'm sad not to be working with them all. On my last day, I had a difficult time believing that I wouldn't be going back the next day. I'm really excited by the new job, and it really is a super opportunity, but I still miss the old comfortableness.

Tetris DS Online.


I played some sweet online Tetris with some of my work buds and Mrs. Two Sips. Special thanks to Mrs. Two Sips for coming in at the last minute. It really was a lot of fun, though it was difficult to hear those without headset / boom mike combos. I hope next week we play Mario Kart so I can show off my painstakingly drawn Cylon icon from

October = Rainbows.


I love October. It's the month when the weather finally gets exciting in here in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of rain (quickly changing from sprinkles to deluges) and sun often produces rainbows. Everytime I see one in the sky, I'm entranced. So, quit whining if it's raining, and look around for one of these elusive spectrums.

In other news: packing packing packing. We're moving to Seattle. We have an apartment not far out of the city, and we'll have our house on the market by the end of the week. So we've got to clean the house and get it empty, except for that furniture to make it sell well. We've helped multiple friends move mountainous piles of stuff over the past few years, I really don't want to manage those same amounts of stuff. So I'm being very aggressive about getting rid of junk. I've made 2 trips to Goodwill (hooray for the express drop off center) and tomorrow I'll be driving all over delivering borrowed goods to their owners. Oy. It's kinda like a crappy Christmas.

More on Album Art.


One of the links in the previous entry on album art has been shut down for now. Doh! But the Flex Version still works, and you can determine album names from there.

Fortunately, Discogs tends to have high resolution cover art for a variety of albums. I recommend that you get them while the getting's good.

iTunes Album Art.


I got an iPod Nano (black like a ninja) for my birthday - just a few days early. Thank you, hubby! With it comes iTunes 7, and the fabulous new CoverWorks / album art features. So now I'm obsessed with finding cover art for all my esoterica. Here are some links to help you similarly afflicted audiophiles / obsessive compulsives find nice high-res art, unlike that on




I received an offer from the company in Seattle I talked about earlier, and I've accepted it. Starting October 26th, I will be a Web Developer / Implementation Analyst for Widemile Conversion Marketing and Webpage Optimization. Time to kick house-selling into a higher gear. But I really am very excited. :)

Also, camping was awesome. We saw some whales in Depoe Bay, very close and even a tail. Then the car wouldn't start and needed a jump. AAA sent Lincoln City Towing. Lincoln City Towing are lying bastards, and it took them 3 hours to get there. But we got some chowder at the Dory Cove, which was delightful as always. All in all, we had a really good time.

Update: In preparation for the move, I'm selling more stuff on Craigslist.

Email me if you want any of it. I'll assuredly negotiate on price.

Freaky Frames.


Here are some fabulous movies. Enjoy! Why are you still reading this instead of watching them?

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