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It Was The Largest Box We Could Fit In Our Car.


Sony Bravia 42 inch LCD TV box and two cats

Ingrid: Wowie! Look at the size of this box that the humans got for us.
Cotten: I think it's the biggest box in the world. I suppose we shall forgive them for leaving us all weekend.

Is Something Really Better Than Nothing?


I couldn't think of anything else to write, so I will show you some more icons.

Turkey Hunt 2. Perfect for the season.

Tonkawa Holiday. Simple, sparkly, and Christmasy.

Shanghai Scary Clowns. A posse of insane clowns, or just misunderstood?

Nice, eh? Sign up here to get your own.

Curses and Resolutions.


I hate Monday Night Football. I hate everyone associated with those accursed Seahawks. I will forgive the Seahawks only because they managed to win the game tonight.

I work in the heart of downtown Seattle, and the football stadium is only about a mile south of my office building. Even though the commute looked to be better than last year's snowy traffic-disaster, I figured it would be prudent to leave work at 4, well in advance of the 5:30 kickoff time. For reference, my commute home is usually about 35 minutes.

I got to the bus stop well in advance of the 4:20 bus that was scheduled. But it ever came. I waited, and looked hopefully down the street. Other buses came, but not mine. I waited some more, and glared down the street. Still no ride home. I pulled out my DS and did some level grinding; still no bus.

Finally, my bus came at 4:55, and naturally it was already quite crowded; standing room only. At the next stop, the bus was full - there was simply no more room for scrunching. The bus driver asked a few times if we could make more room. "No," we in the back said. Dummy - didn't he notice that no one got off the bus?

In the end, I arrived home at 5:25, very frustrated. Just in time to see the football game start. Whoopie. Next time Monday night football rolls around, I resolve to do the following:

Random Bits.


Please accept my apologies in advance for the upcoming infrequency and brevity of posts. I am working on a new backend for Pew Pew Laser Blog, so I will spend more evenings doing that. Here is a trio of distractions to assuage the pain:

Level Grind Fantasy.


The Cloud of Darkness, the final boss in Final Fantasy III (DS), has destroyed my tiny adventurers again. This is rather embarrassing; but I like that the game isn't a cakewalk. I will have to devote quite a few bus rides to level grinding. Hockey season has started again, so I can also play while the husband is enjoying hockey on T.V.

The Discerning Palate.


The kitties do not like Daylight Savings Time. They are quite sure that we are feeding them late. They do like candy corn though. The husband says they've been stealing candy corn out of his candy dish when he's not in the room.

Halloween Wrap.


I'm pleased to report that the trick-or-treaters liked the PlayDoh that I was worried about giving out. Sadly, we got less than a dozen spooky visitors. So we're just going to have to find some way to use the remains of the three bags of candy that we bought.

I just finished reading Idlewild, by Nick Sagan. (Yes, Nick is Carl's son.) Idlewild was delightfully appropriate for the season, and the best substitute for not having a new Gaiman book to read. It was tightly crafted dark fantasy, and I enjoyed how Sagan communicated a deep and emotional world with economical word use. I look forward to reading more of his work.

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