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State of Nintendo DS Gaming.


Ha ha! I got you, Cloud of Darkness. I finally beat the main part of Final Fantasy III for the DS. It was good; very old school - which means challenging. A secret dungeon exists in the post-game, but to to access it, I need to start exchanging Moogle - letters with other real people. How about it - do any of you have Final Fantasy III for DS? Let's hook up.

I love Puzzle Quest. I played through a second character, and I made many different choices the second time. My character is now nigh invincible. It's a fabulous game, for any of you who haven't tried it already. I have only one complaint - enough with the freaking ports to different platforms already. When do I get my Puzzle Quest II?!?

Walt Disney World is testing using DSs to enhance the visitor experience at the park. (Actual screen shots.) This is a really exciting idea - though I would be offended if there were a cost for the service. Renting a DS would be lame - I love my classy gold Triforce DS Lite.

In non-DS news, Bubble Bobble is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console! I had some Wii points, so I bought it. Those pixely dinosaurs are very large on our big TV.

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Hacked the Gibson.


I have used my elite skills and completed my first version of Pew Pew Laser Blog 2.0. My sweet new backend is database driven, with tagging features, and extensible script functions. I did it all myself - from database design to server scripting to front-end X/HTML. Note the new, more sensible, domain:

Oh yeah; I implemented a comments feature. This is way better than that lame forum I was making you guys use before. If you would like to make comments, and you haven't yet received an email with a name and password from me, then drop me a line. You can email me, chat or use one of the social networking sites I frequent. (I'm not publishing any of those methods, or allowing open comment submission, as measures to prevent spam. )




I finally found the competitive difference between Borders and Barnes and Noble. B&N is much larger, at least in downtown Seattle, and has a larger stock of half price calendars left over from Christmas. After striking out at Borders, I was able to find two calendars that fit my needs at B&N. I got a monthly "kitten" calendar, but it's black and white, so I can pretend that it's art.

I thought I would have to resort to posting my Lil Sis' calendar. Don't get me wrong; it's a hilarious calendar; it just isn't (remotely) safe for work. I think it'll do for the home office, though. I particularly like the "Febuary" cartoon.

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The Year in Review.


In 2007, I got very very good at CSS. I considered myself a CSS beginner at the beginning of the year, and now I'm certainly an advanced CSS coder, with a focus on flexible, semantic, standards based, accessible code.

We added the Wii to our collection of consoles. We had to stand in line for it, but it was "free" since we used some gift cards earned through Visa Points to buy it. I later sold the GameCube and GBA Player on Craigslist.

I now understand the basics of football (American football). I understand downs, and point structure, and can even recognize when a team might want to go for two on the extra point. (There's actually some interesting math occasionally.) I'm even getting excited about the post-season. Since I'm a Seattlite now, I'm feeling a strong loyalty towards our home team Seahawks.

We bought a new townhouse in summer. The best $600 we ever spent was on paying movers to haul our furniture and boxes out of the old apartment, up two flights of stairs, into the truck, and then up 3 more flights of stairs at the new townhouse. Doing so made moving day tiring, but not impossible.

I did a lengthy study on IE6 solutions for alpha transparency .PNGs, and tutorial for easy .GIF creation in Photoshop. This probably bored to tears those of you whom I know in real life, but it does bring in one Google click a month or so.

We finally got our kittens. We do try not to be crazy cat-people.

I started learning Silverlight. I am beginning to feel competent with it. Hopefully next year I can report that I'm moderately skilled with it.

Recently, I've been working on a new backend for Pew Pew Laser Blog. A significant part of the work is done, but I need to finish some features still, and make it a bit safer from hackers. But I promise, and upgrade is coming! Tags, databases, Google Ads, comments! It'll be pretty frickin' sweet. I guess I better be getting back to work on that...

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