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Really Big Shows.


The husband and I were busy having fun this week. We went to one shows each night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and each was great.

Thursday night, we went to see Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. Yes, yes, we went to see a radio show. Wait Wait recorded a show up here in Seattle, and we watched them do it. It was hilarious. I don't know if it was Carlin's passing, or something special about Seattle, but the live show was pretty blue. (By blue, I mean blue smoke.) You can listen to the broadcasted version here.

Friday night, we went to see the astonishingly fabulous Circus Contraption: The SHOW to End All SHOWS. This local non-profit group preforms an old fashioned circus act - trapeze, stunt show, with shockingly modern trappings. If you'll be in Seattle within the next week, I demand that you go see this show. (OK - children and all but the most hip of retirees are pardoned.) This was a great show; a skillful performance that was tremendously involving. This show will stick with me for a long time. It was a real treat to see it.

Last night, we saw WALLE. Pixar's newest feature is a robot love story, and is also a great show, which I'm sure you'll get to see. Is it wrong if beautiful pictures of outer space my eyes water up a bit?

FFXII Early Impressions.


The husband was gone last weekend, so I played a crapload of Final Fantasy XII. It has the familiar trappings of the whole FF series (moogles, crystals, a blue command menu). But the new battle system, visible enemies and full 3D environment gives it a different flavor. The combat system in particular is crazy fast and a bit unpredictable. I'm really enjoying it though - the gameplay is compelling and rewarding.

In the early game, I saw many more Game Over screens than I'm used to. I had to do a bit of level grinding, and more carefully program my characters for automatic combat.

The story and localization are quite a bit more sophisticated and accessible than the traditional 'Save the crystals; Save the world' story. This tale of resistance and empire is also perfectly localized; with it's own believable period voice.

In other gaming news, I've picked up The World Ends With You. Penny Arcade's Tycho gave it a strong recommendation. I've actually been to Shibuya, and other Tokyo districts; so I may find some pleasant memories. Next week I'll pick up FFTA 2. (I'll earn bonuses by showing it my old FFTA game cart, so it's a good thing I've kept that.) I've always enjoyed the Final Fantasy Tactics titles.

RIP Edith Macefield.


A while ago, I talked about the little old lady (Edith Macefield) whose house was being eaten by a proto-Trader Joe's. Edith has passed on. All she wanted was to spend her days in her house. Congratulations Edith; you got that.

There are some charming post-scripts to Edith's story. The company doing the new construction make some preparations for absorbing Edith's lot into the building; should it become available. I'll be very interested to see how that works out. Second, a construction manager took care of Edith (groceries, errands) and she may have left the house to him.

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Shared Joy.


I have a guilty pleasure. I love watching The Price Is Right. I enjoyed watching Bob Barker, but it's clear that Drew Carey loves giving away CBS's money. Carey is flummoxed and still delighted by all the wackiness of the contestants. It's great fun to watch the joy of both Carey and the contestants when then win a car or a pile of money.

Check out these clips of folks winning a million dollars. Instant happiness. Though I wonder if the CBS accountants aren't a little less happy about it.

A side note: I hope no odd Google Ads show up based on the title of this entry.

Custom Dreamweaver Snippets Folder


Dreamweaver custom snippets folder I finally figured out how to have MY own snippets folder in the root of the snippets in Dreamweaver. (I'm using DW CS3, but this would probably work fine in Dreamweaver 8.) For the life of me, I couldn't create a new snippets folder. Instead, I hijacked an existing snippets folder (I used Comments) and renamed it. Since the new name begins with an underscore, it shows up at the top of all the snippets folders. Blammo - instant custom snippets folder.

No Smash.


Are you one of those fellows who, in order to take a photo of himself and his sweetie, precariously balances his camera on inanimate objects? Use one of these GorillaPods from instead. The adjustable kung-fu grip arms wrap around all manner of inanimate objects, enabling you to frame the photo without the imminent danger of camera-smashing that you've become used to.

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Literally Not Enough Room.


Wired's Game|Life reported on the feasibility of LucasArts' porting their classic adventure games, such as Maniac Mansion, to the Nintendo DS. Says assistant producer Jeffrey Gullett:

"The cart size of the DS makes it impossible to put out ports of any of our old graphic adventures. There's literally not enough room on those carts to put the games out."

I cannot abide such obvious idiocy. Here are the facts:

Clearly Maniac Mansion and the first Monkey Islands will fit on a DS game card. Things like Sam & Max might be too big, but I bet the voice data could be trimmed or significantly compressed to fit. Perhaps Mr. Gullett was indeed considering the situation literally, like so:

A Nintendo DS and a Sam & Max CD-ROM A Nintendo DS and LucasArts Classic Adventures disks Well, yes, clearly those don't fit in a DS.

My Enemy.


A plush fat cell. I have fought my enemy before, but laziness and distraction have made allowed him to grow. No longer! I have armed myself, and I shall wage a new campaign against him!

I joined a gym. A very large one, with a myriad of mysterious machines, spas, personal trainers, and a spinning class. (I considered joining a Curves, but the one near my house closed at 7:30pm. Who can get to the gym by 6:30? I'm doing well if I'm done with dinner by 6:30.) Anyhow, I've even been to the gym a couple times. Viva la resistance!

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