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Stupid Heavy Muscles.


Going to the gym the past couple of months has been frustrating. After the first 4 months, I really didn't see any results. I had been doing the personal trainer's recommended routine (from a free 1 hour starter session) on the FreeMotion machines; followed by some time on the elliptical machine.

But I just wasn't seeing any results - no pounds off the scale, no looser pants. I wasn't expecting something dramatic, but I was expecting something.

It turns out I was building some muscles - stupid heavy muscles. I noticed that I had a much easier time hiking in August. And I'm never winded when walking up the hills in downtown Seattle anymore. (Hey - those hills are steep.)

Knitting for teh Intertubes.


My mom's been unemployed for a while, and she's been passing the time by perfecting her knitting. Last year, she knitted some very cute mice (stuffed with catnip) for the kitties. I've been thinking that she could sell cute knitted things on Etsy.

I bet these cat toys would sell:

And in the non-cat-toy category, I propose

I Love the Circus.


And the cabaret. And magic shows. Pretty much anything that involves juggling, acrobatics, or good old fashioned displays of skill.

On Friday, the husband and I went to see Teatro Zinzanni. It was tons of fun, and I'd love any excuse to take out of town guests. The show was hilarious; it may have been heavier on comedy than acrobatics this time, but the comedy was top notch.

In direct opposition to other dinner/theater experiences we've had, Teatro Zinzanni's food was fantastic. Seattle chef Tom Douglas (winner of an Iron Chef America competition) designed an excellent meal, particularly the squash soup, for the theater patrons.

Red Velvet Notes.


I brought a dozen cupcakes into work yesterday, and they were much loved. Ah, instant self esteem. Unfortunately, I can only carry a dozen on the bus, so the cupcakes didn't last very long. If someone wants to give me a ride into work next time...

The recipe for the red velvet cupcakes differed (quite successfully) from the recipe I used for the chocolate cupcakes from last time. The Red Velvet recipe used shortening for the fat, which prevented them from being oily. The vinegar and baking soda was tremendously helpful in creating a very fluffy cupcake.

The bright bright red color comes from two large bottles of red food coloring. The red made a good "evil" color for Halloween, but would also make a pretty Christmas cupcake with some white frosting and silver or green sprinkles. Or they could be done up for Valentine's day. But green, orange, or any other food coloring could be used.

Red Velvet Cupcakes.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

I decided to make some Red Velvet cupcakes this weekend. Do they look like anything to you? Pumpkins, perhaps?

Widemile as a Products Company.


We had a little company meeting on Thursday; with champagne. We celebrated last week's beta release of our optimization platform. This marks a shift in the company focus - from direct service / agency work to software solutions provider.

The CTO had been saving a bottle of Dom Pérignon 1990, and he was kind enough to bring it in for this occasion. We all had a plastic champagne glass with a few sips of DP. Those of you who know me might think the fancy champagne was wasted on me, but it was very smooth - I didn't even make a face. I did feel very warm in the face for about half an hour, though.

A New JavaScript Event?


I was reading the errata for one of my technical books, and I was delighted to discover an error with the onclick() function that had been printed. onclick() is a JavaScript function that executes when a user clicks an element. Alas, the book called the function onlick(). Hee hee - I guess onlick is what happens when your cat licks the screen. I wonder if there is an accompanying onnom() function.

The World Ends With You - Aliens.


I've been leaving TWEWY in "talk to other Wi-Fi devices mode" frequently over the past week. I've had good luck on gaining experience from this, though some of the "Aliens" (non-DSes - probably iPhones) are quite weird:

The World Ends With You.


Recently, I've been playing The World Ends With You, one of Square's non-Final Fantasy RPGs for the Nintendo DS. It's very engrossing; fast paced and highly configurable.

Game progress is broken up into very distinct stages, with clear goals for progressing to the next stage. Within each stage, game play is pretty much up to you. You can spend lots of time exploring, fighting, or even running around Shibuya shopping. Or you can focus directly on the tasks to progress to the next stage. I'm really enjoying the in-game flexibility to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

The game difficulty is also configurable at all times, in a variety of dimensions. And great rewards are available with the increased difficulty settings.

One very unique attribute of this game is the powering up system. Equipment (which grants abilities) earns experience; not just for fighting, but also when the game is shut down, and when it communicates wirelessly with other devices. The DS/TWEWY can detect WiFi communications from other TWEWY players (ESPers), DSs playing other games (Civvies), and non-DS devices (Aliens)! Very fun.

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