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Welcome to Fall.


Today, it rained for the first time in a few months. Therefore at the office, we had the same conversation that we have every time this happens.

What's with the traffic? It's terrible!
It's raining!
Why can't Seattleites drive in the rain?

Just wait until it snows, people.

Not the Internet.


Fifteen years ago, there was AOL. It was not the Internet.

Five years ago, there was MySpace. It was not the Internet.

Now we have Facebook and Twitter. Remember: they are not the internet.

Wheeling and Dealing.


Naturally, Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is the kind of TV show that's right up my alley. It's a reality show with food trucks; each week, the truck that made the least profit must go home. Not only is it about food trucks (yum!), but it's also about marketing and business.

One food truck set up at a 2 day street festival, even though the $1000 vendor fee they had to pay at the end of the festival was pretty steep. In the evening, a second food truck discovered the festival, and negotiated a $675 fee for the second day of the festival. By the end of the festival, the organizer accepted $300 from both trucks for their fee.

I was surprised that the festival entry fee was negotiable at all, let alone negotiable to less than a third of the original price. I wonder if this is common in the food truck / street fair business, and what other industries have similar unspoken expectations for business dealings. Are web designers abnormal to expect that an agreed-upon price for services will be the price their clients pay?

Also, I would love to try Spencer on the Go, the French food truck. Come to Seattle!

Applejack Daisy Tumbler.


A Handblown Glass Tumbler This is yet another early "tumbler", which I made during a class at Seattle Glassblowing Studio last November. It's a bit small (only 3 or 4 inches tall) and it's got quite a lot of tool marks. However, it's relatively straight, so I'm very proud of this early piece.

I occasionally insist that the husband prepare an Applejack Daisy for me in my very own glass.

Thanks to the husband for the photography.

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Working jQuery in Your Webpages.


My first version of a script to show and hide extra list items didn't work with the recent update to version 1.4.2 of the jQuery JavaScript library. I've finally finished an update to this script that works, and is tidier to boot. Enjoy!



Remember the free toy that came in your Cracker Jacks or Happy Meal? Such giveaways or "premiums" can be tremendously motivating.

The local blood donation collectors are offering a free cookbook if I donate blood twice this summer. I confess, the thought of a free cookbook pleases me just as much as the normal altruistic feeling of giving blood.

The Pike Pub in downtown Seattle is offer a free engraved growler (full of Pike brew, of course) if a patron signs up for their frequent visitor's club and orders one of each of the beers that Pike serves. It's been a nearly a year, and the husband is about 3/4s of the way though the 2 page list of beers.

Still, I was surprised by boldness of Zynga / 7-11's recent promotion of Mafia Wars and Farmville freebies with Slurpees.

Lastly, there's the recent battle of Carvel Ice Cream vs. Mama Lohan.

Best Yet Interaction With a Clipboard-Holding Petitioner.


Summertime is a very popular time for those clipboard holding signature seekers to be stalking the downtown populace. Alas for them; I have well developed methods for shutting down their game. They just keep trying, though. Recently, I encountered one while walking to the bus home after a long day of work.

I saw him from a block away; alone, clipboard in hand, trying to engage passers-by. He saw me from half a block away; business clothes and no companion; and thought he found a mark.

I saw him noticing me - he open his arms and smiled. I rolled my eyes, smiled a little, and shook my head. He kept trying.

Him: Hey, how ya doin'?
Me. Not interested, thanks. (I turned the corner and kept walking.)
Him: Oh. Oh, I'm not interested in you either. Ha ha. (As I walked away. Still friendly, but disappointed.)

Twitter Knows When You Are Sleeping.


I found a most amusing Twitter data contrivance: Based on tweets, will tell you when someone (likely) sleeps. Check it out:

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