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Here is a haiku for Castle, with Captain Tightpants:

A silly cop show
An impossible premise
Still, I must giggle

Overheard on the Bus.

A guy: Let's go home and play Mario Brothers!
His girl: What's it about?

Mario Bros is about rescuing a kidnapped princess. Jumping on mushrooms. Snatching coins from mid-air, particularly before you friend does. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is about so many things, and even the sum of them doesn't come close to explaining the fun potential.

Glass Bud Vase.


Glass Bud Vase This small vase is another piece from my Beginner's II class at Seattle Glassblowing Studio last November.

Six months after my first glassblowing class, I took a second one. This was the first piece I made in that class. It was supposed to be a simple straight cylinder, but I had quite a lot of trouble with it. I was imagining something much larger, and after spending a really long time on it, I just ended up with this little thing. I was disappointed at first, but now I can appreciate that this piece makes a cute little bud vase.

Thanks to the husband for the photography.

Las Vegas Barkers Are the Best in the World.


My daily commute includes a 4 or 5 block walk right to my office in the core of downtown Seattle. Through years of these downtown walks, I've honed my techniques for dealing with signature collectors, beggars, and other petitioners. Most folks get eye contact, a forced smile, and a "Not interested, thanks." which covers a huge variety of their opening gambits.

But in Las Vegas, they have the best barkers in the world. In a mall, one made direct eye contact and excitedly asked "Have you seen it?!?" She went on "The new hair straightening system from blah blah blah?" I was so surprised that I busted out my pointer finger in my defense to add to my firm "Not interested, thanks!".

What Testing and Optimization Can't Do.


Last time, I talked about what optimization testing can do for your site. Now, I'll talk about what it can't do.

What Optimization Testing Can Do.


Optimization - testing to find out which elements drive desired visitor actions - can do a lot for your web pages.

Ready to start? Very good. If you've got no money, Google has a free optimization tool. Of course, my company has an optimization tool too.

Fluted Bowl with a Two Color Optic Twist.


Blown Glass Fluted Bowl with a Two Color Optic Twist. I made this a fluted bowl (with a two-color optic twist) in my Beginner's II class at Seattle Glassblowing Studio last November.

The optic twist technique is pretty interesting. I mixed the blue and yellow frit together and picked it up on a single gather without a starter bubble. (The bubble would get all messed up during the color application.) I then heated the glass and shaped it for the optic mold. I dropped the glass into the mold, which cuts the outer layer of color into stripes. I heated the color again, and turned the pipe while dragging the color stripes along the marver, adding the twist. To finish the color twist, I used the diamond shears to grab a nubbin of glass on the bottom of the piece and rolled the pipe down the bench rails while holding the nubbin with the shears.

I then shaped and blew the bowl form out, and heated the rim to give it the ruffled shape.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

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