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Stuff My Mom Said.


About Bing:

I hate Bing. Bing makes me think of the doctor's waiting room. Google makes me think of a green traffic light.

About Alton Brown:

With Grandma, it's Jesus. With you, it's Alton Brown.

About Paul and Storm:

Is this Steve and Pete?

About PAX:

Is that the big hoo-ha for the game people?

Potion Vase.


A red and white hand blown glass vase I made this piece during November or December of 2009, at the Beginner II class at Seattle Glass Studio. I didn't have a specific shape in mind when I started on this piece, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. To me, it looks like a vessel for a magical potion of some kind.

This was also my first experience where different colors interacted with each other. The red of the main body, and the white of the swirl reacted with each other, creating those ugly brown edges where the two colors meet. I've been keeping notes on which color combination react (or "burn"), and this particular white (Kugler K61 / enamel white) tends to react with many other colors.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

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Quick And Easy CSS Targeting.


I have been a staunch staunch supporter of conditional comments as the best way to send different CSS to different versions of Internet Explorer. I found that the other options - selector-based CSS rules - were just too hack-y. I was going to have to see a very persuasive technique for me to consider it.

Here it is:

  { color: #999; /* shows in all browsers */
    *color: #999; /* notice the * for IE7 and below */
    _color: #999; /* notice the _ for IE6 and below */

The above code is lifted directly from

These are still hacks, so there's always the possibility that the browser vendor could fix the bug that these hacks exploit, or that a new browser will react oddly to this code. For a short term site or a quick and dirty build, I might be willing to take that chance.

I think I'll stick with conditional comments for my larger endeavors. I'm willing to subject the IE6/7 users to the hit of an extra HTTP request.

Stuck in a Rut?


May I suggest reading something you wouldn't otherwise read? Last year I read several books that were well outside of my standard literary comfort zone of science fiction and web development. Here are the most stimulating books that I read over the past year:

Of course, you don't have to buy these books solely on my say-so. Do what I do - check them out from your local public library.

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