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Quick Money.


I may be a fully employed professional computer geek, but there are some methods of quick money that I respect:

Preparing for PAX.


It's a little over a month until PAX, so it's time to get ready! Here are my tips:

The Last Sup(p)er and the The Cardboard Robot Suit.


A robot suit made from cardboard, egg trays, and CDs. The husband and I again participated in the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project, where teams compete to write, film, edit and deliver a short film in just 48 hours. You can watch our short film "The Last Sup(p)er" here. The required elements were:

Because it only appeared for a few frames, you probably didn't get to appreciate all the detail on The Cardboard Robot's suit. Hopefully, the above image will help remedy that.

An Ode to the USA Space Shuttles.


In honor of the last launch of a U.S.A. Space Shuttle, I present to you Space Shuttles in 3 forms:

Lego Space Shuttle This LEGO Space Shuttle is the only one of these that I've made. The set has over 1200 pieces, and took me about a week to build.

Crochet Space Shuttle This crochet Space Shuttle is brilliant and cute. But if I had one, the cats would steal it for a cat toy.

Glass Space Shuttle by Brandon Cupp This last Shuttle is made of glass, by Brandon Cupp at Seattle Glassblowing Studio. Though my picture doesn't do it justice, this is easily the most impressive version of the Shuttle. (Except the Shuttle in orbit right now, of course.)

Jaws As An Educational Film.


Around this time each year, the husband likes to watch Jaws. When we do sit down to watch Bruce and the gang, I like to watch with an eye towards particular aspects of film-making. This year, I watched how the story mechanics (exposition, character introductions and plot delivery) were accomplished.

That's all I've got for now. The script (supported by directing and acting, of course) gave the audience a ton of information about the setting and characters in a subtle and entertaining way.

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