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Blue Glass Pumpkin.


Handblown blue glass pumpkin This is another of the pumpkins that I made at Blowing Sands in fall of 2009. As before, professional glassblower Lon Clark did most of the work here.

I did select the colors. I love how the blue and purple, blue and green spread out into jewel tones.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

The Laying On Of Hands.


The father of a childhood friend always started fixing household devices by opening doors, re-seating cables, and just fiddling with the equipment. It was reasonably effective, and he referred to this process as "the laying on of hands".

Since I rebuilt my computer a few months ago, it was intermittently failing to find the hard drive on boot up. I figured it was a hardware failure, since there were no boot problems when the drive was found. I cracked the case, poked around a bit, and reseated the SATA cables. I've had no problems since!

The laying on of hands wins again.

Brown Glass Pumpkin.


Handblown brown glass pumpkin This is another of the pumpkins that I made during one of Art By Fire's Blow Your Own events in fall of 2009.

What I love about this pumpkin is its deep ridges and squatty shape. I do think that the clear stems that Art By Fire uses for their events are a missed opportunity - they'd be much nicer with colored stems.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

The Bose Headphones.


Last week, I had trouble with my Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones. The left ear phone started cutting out intermittently, and the next day it stopped providing any sound entirely. This was pretty frustrating because the headset was a gift, and was just under 2 years old (the warranty was one year). For something that expensive, I expect it to last much longer than 2 years.

I called Bose. The agent confirmed that the headphones were broken and needed replacement. He apologized that they were broken, but couldn't extend the warranty. He did offer Bose's replacement program, where for just $100, they would replace my old headphones with a brand new set of the same model. I said I'd think about it.

Later that day I went into the Bose store near my office, and got the same offer from the in-store associate. She was very kind and apologetic that I'd encountered trouble. She could do the $100 exchange right there in the store, so I wouldn't have to wait for shipping. I took the exchange. She gave me the cable and battery from my old headphones, so now I have extras.

Bose definitely provides a customer service model holds up to my expectations for the premium price of their products. But if this new headset doesn't last 5 years, then I will have to conclude that their products don't meet my requirements for the price.

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