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10 Things I Love About Sublime Text 2.


I've recently fallen in love with a new text editor for all my coding needs - Sublime Text 2. Here are 10 things I love about Sublime Text 2:

  1. ST2 doesn't make me set up projects; I can just edit the file I need. But if you need to manage code projects, ST2 can do it.
  2. Screenshot of Sublime Text 2's minimap The mini-map. No more scroll-scroll-scroll to get to one section in the super-long file. Just click the appropriate section in the Minimap (on the far right side) and ST2 scrolls right there.
  3. Control + / to comment the currently selected text. (Or un-comment it, if it's is commented.) If nothing is selected, it comments / uncomments the current line of code. It's context-sensitive - HMTL, CSS and JS all get the right comments.
  4. ST2's code folding is similar to Dreamweaver's code collapsing, but there's more. When text is selected, press Control + Shift + [ to fold that block of code out of view. Use Control + Shift + ] to unfold.
  5. When you mouse over the line numbers (in the gutter, little triangles appear for each element. Click that triangle to fold the whole element.
  6. No more using the mouse to select lines of text - Control + L will select the current line. (Subsequent presses of L while holding Control will select lines further down.)
  7. Control + Shift + A will select the contents of the current tag. Use again to select the whole tag.
  8. It's fast - super fast. There's no splash screen and no loading time, even on my poor old Macbook Air.
  9. F6 to enable / disable spell check. Sometimes you want it, sometimes you don't.
  10. ST2 has a very user friendly license. You can download a trial-version (nags are the only thing it does). If you buy, you the individual can install your copy on any of your machines - work PC, home PC, laptop, whatever. You also get to use any version of ST2 - it's available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Google Text Transcription.


We went to a movie this week, and shut off our cell phones. My mom called, and was forced to leave a voicemail. This is how Google Text transcribed the voicemail:

For crying out loud. I tried calling Katy, she's not answering and you're not answering so that calling with big you guys. Murphy at a performance of in the neck records week. And so. Speaking of nutcracker suite. I've never heard of this recipe all win. Brown's white trash. Well, I'm going to be making that I have some yesterday. And that's stuff. It is delicious. You, we, for joining internet cracker crack. There you go anyways. I'll talk to you kids later, bye.

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