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Fused Glass at Glassique.


Last fall I took another fused glass class via a Groupon, this time at Glassique in Seattle. We must have been good students - you can see pictures from our class up on Glassique's site.

Multiple fused glass pendants I learned some new things at this Glassique class, particularly how to use the circle-cutter. I also got to play with stringers (for the very thin lines), which was fun. But I was a bit disappointed that all we made was pendants and garden-hangers, since I want to make bigger pieces such as plates and bowls. Let me know if you're interested in any of these pendants - I'll probably be putting them up on Etsy soon.

If you're interested in fusing jewelery, I do recommend this class - the staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and all the tools and materials (large sheets of glass, not just scrap glass) were included.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

Biz-speak of the Week.


You have all heard "soup to nuts" (beginning to end) and "skin in the game" (investment or stake in a project). Now we have "making sausage", as in "I need to get out of making sausage", which means "I need to stop worrying about the details" (I.E., what's in the sausage).

The Rules.


I have two simple rules which, as a web developer, I hope not to break:

  1. Never buy registration, hosting or other services for your client. Help them figure out what service they need to buy, but have the client create the accounts and pay for all their services.
  2. Never break rule #1.

This is about "skin in the game"; ensuring that the client has a significant commitment to the project. If you do this yourself, eventually you'll get stuck with the bill, and a client who doesn't care about their website.

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