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Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Chocolate Chip Cookies This is my recipe for nice chewy chocolate chip cookies. They usually don't last long enough to go stale.

iOS Usage Tips.


I finally got around to reading the itty bitty manual that came with my iPhone, and I found some handy little tips for it.



Sculpted glass icicle Sculpted glass icicle in stand I made this icicle during an Art By Fire's Blow Your Own event in January of 2010.

There are many ways to make an icicle, but the workflow for this one was to grab a pre-heated hunk of scrap color (opaque works well here), twist it around, and then encase the color. Then even out the heat, flatten the piece with the tags, (reheat) and use the tweezers to twist it up. Last, knock it off into a nest and put a hook on it. The top of this icicle didn't twist much compared to the bottom (the top could have used more heat), but I like the shape anyway.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

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