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Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts.


Here are some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7:

Cracking the USPS Code.


There are still times when I need to move small tangible items over long distances. In those instances, I turn to the United States Postal Service. Here are a few bits of the USPS code that I've cracked:

The weird thing is that I have to pay shipping fees to order stamps from USPS. But since many grocery stores sell forever stamps, I can just get them during regular errands.

Quick and Dirty Vertical Centering for Headers.


Need a quick and dirty way to vertically center a header? Check this out:

I'm a header!

If you give an element a larger line-height than its text-size, the browser will automatically center the text inside the extra space.

.v-center-demo { 
  border: 1px dashed #FFFFFF; 
  font-size: 130%;
  line-height: 200%;
  padding: .25em;

Beware that this will start to look pretty ugly if there is more than one line of text in the element.

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