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Advice for Job Seekers.


I've been through a few different periods of unemployment, and I have found jobs. Here are some tips for job hunting:

A jQuery Demo - Show, Hide and Toggle.


One of the reasons that jQuery is so popular is that it's so simple. Just click hide, show or toggle visibility to change the image below. Here's the only code required:

<img id="kitten" src="" />
<a href="#" id="hide">hide</a>, <a href="#" id="show">show</a> or <a href="#" id="toggle">toggle visibility</a>

  <script type="text/javascript">

	$("a#show").click(function() {

	$("a#hide").click(function() {

	$("a#toggle").click(function() {


Need more options? Bam - jQuery has got ya covered!

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