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Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts.


I love a good keyboard shortcut - it always slows me down when I have to move away from the keyboard to use the mouse. Apropos, here are some great keyboard commands to note:

When using Mac OS, substitute Command for Control.

Freemium Games.


Wired's Game|Life published a great article on freemium games - games which are free to download and play (mostly on mobile phones), but have in-game bonuses that the player may buy. Some games take the time honored website model of in-content-advertising to the extreme by:

selling eyeballs to advertisers instead of selling games to gamers.

For my money (or eyeballs, if you will), here are some key properties of a successful free-to-play experience:

Some games that have created a successful FtP model include Tiny Tower (on iOS), Packrat on Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz on iOS or Facebook, and League of Legends on Windows.

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