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The Story of Shotgun Pete.


An Arkham Horror story.

Me and Duke came into Arkham at the docks, so naturally I peeked into a few crates and rustled up a motorcycle and a shotgun. Unfortunately, the local deputy happened by, so me and Duke got a free ride down to the station.

Deputy Warren probably should have arrested me, but it seemed he needed someone to talk to. So he gave a hot cup of joe to me and a ham bone to Duke, and he talked. Warren talked about stranger and stranger crimes in weeks past, and his eyes got darker and emptier as he talked. "Just last night, the sheriff was murdered and his head ..." Duke pointed towards the door, and barked just loud enough so's we'd notice. There were things out in the street. I went outside and Duke padded after. I wasn't real surprised to hear station door click locked behind me.

Three dark shadows - not human, not anymore - were coming towards us and Duke was barking up a storm. It didn't matter what they were; I just pulled the shotgun into my shoulder and fired and fired and fired. Eventually I'd put enough holes into the things that they stopped moving. From then on, I wasn't "Ashcan Pete", I was "Shotgun Pete".

As Duke and me explored this town, we found ourselves in a strange dark place; where the light and the air were like no place I'd ever been. I can't rightly say what happened there, but I did find a statue which I was able to pawn for a few bucks. Duke and I were lucky to come back to Arkham from there. He'd been stalwart this whole time, but I got the feeling this place would get him eventually. So I sent him off; out of town to a safe place that I remembered from years back. Once he was safe, I finally felt at peace, and I could focus on fighting whatever evil was around here.

I zipped around town collecting spells from other like-minded folks, and followed their instructions to cast some kind of spell to prevent some kinda great calamity. Then the town doctor and I got caught up by a posse of monsters. That idiot doctor was throwing my aim off, and it took the longest time before we put those creatures to pasture.

All the time while we was fighting, I heard Sister Mary praying and praying and praying to close the last hellhole in this town. It took so long for her prayers to be answered that the redhead (Mindy, I think it was) jumped in the hellhole from the front door to close it. Of course it was then that the sister's praying finally got that gate closed.

Suddenly the fog lifted from Arkham, and the sun shone brighter and the birds chirped louder than we'd remembered they could. We never did hear from Mindy again. I figured it was finally time to leave Arkham; time to go get Duke.

HTML Reprieves.


There are a few HTML tags and attributes which were deprecated in HTML4, but got a second life in HTML5. Among them:

Quick and Dirty Git Tricks 2.


Here are some more handy git commands, which I use frequently.

git checkout -b [new-branch]
Create a new branch, check it out, and move all un-staged changes into that new branch. This is perfect for when you've just started some changes, and then remembered that these changes should really go into their own branch.
git add -A
Add all changed, added and deleted files in path to repo.
git checkout [filename]
Throw away any uncommitted changes to a file by getting a new one from index.
git show [hash]
Details about a commit, including files changed and the actual changes. [hash] should be the actual ID of the commit, which you can get from git log.

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