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Three Must-Read Books for Web Developers.


Here are 3 books that I'd recommend as critical for folks just learning, or re-learning, web development. Each of them is a full of head-starts and tricks that practiced developers are already using.

  1. Bulletproof Web Design - Dan Cederholm: This is a compendium of practical build walk-throughs with seamless best practice advice.
  2. Smashing CSS - Eric Meyer: This is filled with brilliant modern CSS techniques, but I wish there was a second edition to fix many of the typos and silly errors present in the first edition.
  3. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja - John Resig and Bear Bibeault: Old JavaScript books are pretty crusty and out of touch, and you'll need something modern to get you going quickly. This is the one.

Toll House Cookies - Half Butter Test.


I tried this variation on the gold standard of chocolate chip cookies, with half the butter and no nuts. They turned out pretty well, but there was some funny separation in the 3rd and later batches to get into the oven. Next time, I'll chill the dough while the first cookies are baking.

Does anyone actually make them with the nuts?

PHP Current Year.


Here's a quick PHP snippet which will get the current year (from the PHP server) and display it along with a copyright symbol.

$currYear = date("Y");
echo "© " . $currYear;

Now you can finally stop updating your website's footer every January.

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