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Easter Egg Paperweight.


Hot sculpted glass paperweight I made this paperweight during an April Blow Your Own event at Art By Fire in 2010. If you've ever wanted to try glassblowing, a quick "blow your own" or mini-class is a great way to test the waters: a professional will walk you through the entire creation of your own "shape of the month" in about 15 minutes. The next day or so, after it's cooled down, you get to take your new glass artwork home!

My goal with this piece was to put a lot of bubbles into it, and I still love the effect. The egg-like shape of the piece was done with an oval shaped block, as opposed to the more common round blocks.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.

Memes of CascadiaJS.


There have been a few recurring themes of CascadiaJS:

A Sass Mixin With a Dynamic Background Image.


Sass is cool. It's a CSS compiler adds a ton of "real code" features into your CSS writing workflow. Take a gander at this:

Play with this gist on SassMeister.

This creates a mixin (consider it an object in this case) called quotenote and then the blockquote element inherits the default styling from that mixin. The classes .caution and .note also use quotenote, but also have an argument to add a background image specification. This means changing code only in one place when you want to update the style of several related elements on a site. Here's a Gist and a Meist.

What I Didn't Have To Do.


Last year, I completed a job search (which lasted roughly a year) by scoring an awesome new job. Here are some things that I didn't have to do to get a new job:

One could argue that there was a signaling effect at play here. For example, perhaps I self-selected myself out of opportunities where it was important for the web developer to wear heels. I'm more than OK with that.

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