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Git Diff.


Here are some useful git diff commands:

git diff --name-only
Show names of files that are different between the index (your watched files) and your last commit. Or, pass in two hashes to compare files from those two hashes.
git diff master --name-only
Show all files changed between master and your current working directory. This is great for reviewing changes you'll be making when you merge to master.
git show --name-only [sha]
Show the commit log, and which files have changed in a given hash.
git diff master [filename]
Show the differences between the working directory and master for the file specified.

Whiteboard Interviews.


I suck at whiteboard interviews. I've been in quite a few interviews in the last few years, and for every time there wasn't a whiteboard session, I got a job offer.

When I was an interviewer, I didn't see a lot of value in a blank whiteboard and a bunch of computer science questions. I wasn't looking for the vaguely useful smart people; I was looking for specialists - people who had done the work I need done before. Thus I would ask how the candidate would solve a given problem, and we'd have a discussion about the answer. This discussion allowed us to cover quite a bit more ground in the same timeframe.

As a candidate, I did discover a few strategies for surviving a whiteboard interview:

CascadiaJS 2013 Talk Notes.


Late last year, I went to CascadiaJS 2013 - a small (275 people) JavaScript conference in the Pacific Northwest. Below are my notes from the most interesting talks; along with links to speaker's talk and slides, and other useful links. Each one of these talks is absolutely worth your time.

Righteous JavaScript, Dude! (Being a teenage programmer) - Zach Bruggeman

Audio Components in the Browser - Soledad Penadés

Make Art Not Money - Brad Bouse

Building apps with D3.js - Nathan Vander Wilt

JavaScript Puzzlers: Puzzles to Make You Think - Charles Bihis

ECMAScript Regrets - David Bruant

JS Bringing Crypto to the Masses - Matthew Bergman

Where does the Javascript run, anyway? - C J Silverio

So you want to build a robot? - Raquel Vélez

Six bottles of RUM: surprising stories of real world mobile performance - Peter McLachlan

Stop Breaking the Web - Tom Dale

Farewell CascadiaJS (Let's Talk about Feelings) - Jenn Turner

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