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CSS Hacks.


In the past, I've used CSS hacks * and _ as a quick and dirty way to make a few CSS changes for IE6 and IE7 only , while preferring conditional comments for larger scale adjustments.

When IE8 came out, developers used another CSS hack (\9;) to target just IE8. But when IE9 came out, it also rendered \9; hacks, which made it the perfect example of an unsafe CSS hack.

Since then, things have only gotten messier for CSS hacks. There are tons of new browsers out there, and IE10 was the last IE to support conditional comments. While CSS selectors still remain fairly ugly, sometimes they're just the tool you need. Fortunately, Browserhacks has pulled all the hacks from all over the internet into one place. And it's on GitHub - so you can add to it.

Google Voice Transcription - Scooter of the Year.


Here is another hilarious Google Voice transcription of a voicemail.

Yeah, hey hey, it's Chris. We probably knew that So I was thinking, then maybe I would swing by. 3 months or a brewery of similar location for a scooter of the year. And I'm proud so and then maybe you could bring that case, and I can bring some cash so we can just filter little bit. I will have the baby with me so we will need to go to Garrido I was. Beattie's most seem to do so. Gimme a call back.

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