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Brussels Sprout Casserole.


Brussels Sprout Casserole from Pew Pew Laser Blog Try this Brussels sprout casserole recipe to turn around the Brussels sprouts hater in your household. Roasting the sprouts on a preheated sheet pan ensure that they get cooked through and dark and delicious on the outside. Being able to make most of this dish ahead of time makes it great for avoiding holiday oven-contention.

Nodevember 2014.


I was a selected speaker at this year's inaugural Nodevemer in Nashville last weekend. (You can view my talk "0 to Nodebots in 45 Minutes" at; here are the related links: I was also able to attend some really great talks:

The Shoulders of Giants (Opening Keynote) - Eliza Brock

Gonzo Game Dev - Earle Castledine

Make Art Not Apps - John Brown

Open Sourcing Mental Illness - Ed Finkler

Build Your Own #bada55 NodeJS Development Environment - Derick Bailey

Growing Up JavaScript (Closing Keynote) - Jason Orendorff

There were other talks that I wasn't able to go to, which I heard were really good. Fortunately, all of the talks were recorded, so I can check them out when I have time:

The Mug of Sublime Text.


Sublime Text has many powerful keyboard shortcuts, but they can be tricky to remember. So I created The Mug of Sublime Text - an online reference of the coolest and most delightful keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text. I've tested each shortcut on Windows 7, and provided OSX alternatives when they differed. If anyone finds that alternative commands are needed for Unix, pull requests are welcome!

The Mug of Sublime Text is a loving tribute to Mug of VI. I used VI for a while 8 years ago, and I still have one of these coffee mugs with VI's keyboard shortcuts printed on it. If you still love VI (or just want to dip your toes in the waters of VI), ST has a mode for that.

I tried to document only shortcuts that are part of ST's default installation, but some keymap customizations are too awesome to be ignored. I've also provided my customized keymap files in the repo so you can use them. I didn't include keyboard commands that are fairly standard to the operating system; such as Ctrl Shift t to re-open the most recently closed tab.

This reference is tilted towards my own front-end web developer workflow, so of course I've included some of the best shortcuts too.

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