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The Firefox Command Line.


I'm old friends with the command line. Sometimes it's a hassle to remember exactly what to type, but sometimes a command line really is the right tool for the job at hand. And it turns out that another one of my old friends - Firefox - has a command line interface. Open it up at any time with Shift F2. So here are a few nifty features of Firefox's command line that I'd like to remember for next time:

Be aware that one of the first (and highest-ranked) announcements of Firefox's command line at is pretty out-of-date. Refer to instead.

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Sublime Text and the Command Line.


Sublime Text comes with an excellent little command line utility. Here are some examples of what it can do:

Usually you have to set this up on each computer you're using Sublime on. (This sort of thing is about telling your computer how to utilize Sublime, which is why it doesn't sync to other machines when you have syncing set up.)

Windows 7/10 Sublime / Command Line Configuration

OSX Sublime / Command Line Configuration

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