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CSS - Width Specifications on Inline and Block Level Elements

Last Update: 4.27.2009

Observe the span and div below, where I've used inline styling to specify 200 pixels as the width of each.

Spans are inline elements.
Divs are block elements.
style="border: dashed grey 1px; width: 200px; margin: 2px;"

The width specification only works on the block element (the div), not the inline element (the span). If you have an inline element, such as a link, that should include a width declaration, you must also convert it to a block level element.

Super duper really fantastically extra-long.
style="display: block; width: 200px; border: dashed grey 1px; margin: 2px;"

If you're working with a simple horizontal list, you cannot also specify a fixed width for the inline elements.

If the elements should all be of the same width, it's common to float block level elements, instead of turning them into inline elements.

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