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This weekend we drove down to Portland. Among our activities were tax-free shopping at REI, eating some good sushi, and going to my Mom's 'graduation' party.

We also went to see the new townhouse that a pair of our friends bought. It was very pleasant. Though they had just moved in, the hostess had kindly laid out some snacks for us. A washing machine attacked the husband, but he and the man of the house eventually managed to get it and the dryer up to the laundry room. The husband even got to say "Yep. I've see that before. Yer gonna need a new plug.' when the dryer cord turned out the be the wrong one. Such experience!

We also got to play The Starfarers of Catan with our friends. We've had a copy of this board game for a while - but I'd been intimidated by it's staggeringly large number of pieces and complexity of play. So I was glad to have them help us learn how to play it. We really enjoyed it. The husband was winning for a while, but the win was swiped at the last minute by the lady of the house. She's very sneaky - no hard feelings. :) The Starfarers is a spin-off of the popular (in some circles) Settlers of Catan boardgame, and Starfarers fixes some of the issues that Settlers had. Specifically, the 'event' cards do a good job of keeping the other 3 players involved when it's your turn by having them play the part of pirates. It was good fun.

P.S. - Our set includes "Drive Rings" to attach to the Motherships so that you can install boosters without breaking the Motherships. If your set didn't come with these, perhaps you can harrass Mayfair Games for some.


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