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I am PO'd.


It was my mistake, this time. But this was round three of troubleshooting tennis, and the first two rounds were due to the client's malformed code. And these project specs didn't just creep - they leapt out of bounds. So the last minute data-harvest & replace variables I wrote were missing a closing parenthesis. Stupid parenthesis! I know you're supposed to be there. You know you're supposed to be there. Why don't you just be there? Dreamweaver & Firebug, aren't you supposed to help me catch these things? And since when has Firefox had a more forgiving (JavaScript rendering, in this case) engine than IE? Sonofabitch.

It pisses me off that I'm the one to blame for this issue. In the beginning, I gave the customer a fully working and fully tested page. Then, several surprise difficulties later, my code is bad. Dammit - it's still my code that was bad.

And, it looks like its going to snow again. Crap.

Oh, and the bus I got on is an express, but not the kind of express that stops where I needed to be. So, now I'm waiting to be rescued from being lost. Gods dammit!

Katie Katie

I did manage to do two things right that day: I did find the missing parenthesis, and I had my cell phone charged enough to call from where I was lost.


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