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Some thoughts upon troubleshooting theory. Two methods of troubleshooting exist:

  1. Things you do because, based on your knowledge of the product, you suspect it will make a difference.
  2. Things you do only because you can.

Our DVR has been acting comcastic lately, by which I mean craptacular. It refuses to respond to the remote, it freezes or resets in the middle of recording, et cetera. There are exactly two things you can do with the DVR, both of which are troubleshooting steps of the 'becuase I can' varitey.

  1. Turn it on and off using the power switch.
  2. Turn it on and off by unplugging it.

Even though these steps have never failed to resolve the issue for the moment, we've had to do these things far too often. Grrr! The stupid thing should just work.

erommel erommel

Whenever I run into persistent hardware problems, one of the first things that comes to mind is thermal management. I've managed to solve a few reliability issues by cleaning heat sinks, fans etc. I become especially suspicious of this when a piece of equipment has worked just fine for a while, then starts crashing more and more frequently, even though there have been no hardware or software changes made. Anyway, just a thought.

BTW, it would be really nice to have a link on the for'em that linked back to the blog, at least I think it would.

Katie Katie

Hmm, that just might be it - thanks for the thought. Maybe the husband will work on that before we move - maybe not. Perhaps this falls under a 3rd category of troubleshooting that I didn't mention - the 'laying on of hands'.

That would be a good idea. I'll have to try and hack an link into here.


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