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Final Kingdom Hearts II Thoughts.


Last night I finished up with Kingdom Hearts II. I'd whipped through the first 50 hours, up to the point where you enter the door to the final boss from which you can never return to the rest of the game. From there I intended to do ye olde backtracking, gathering levels and swag so that the Moogles would create better equipment for me. Eventually I got tired of the collecting, and distracted by new and shiny games, and I never got around to finishing. I'd really enjoyed myself at the time.

I finally popped it back the PS2 and jumped through the final door. There were sufficient rounds of the requisite 'boss expansion phase' and a lot of frantic button mashing at the screen filling king / metal dragon / metrosexual in a cloak. Then after that was lots of "We're friends forever!" and "I'm part of the darkness." and "You're part of the light now!" nonsense in the final cut scenes. Having the characters say the same pseudo-mystical-eastern foolishness over and over doesn't make it any clearer.

It was all very unsatisfying. Perhaps I've changed a lot as a gamer, but the button mashing made me mad. I want strategy, not whacking, in my RPG. Anyhow, I'm going to sell / trade in both of the Kingdom Hearts games for the PS2. If you'd like to get them instead of GameCrazy, let me know. I'm also going to get rid of Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. I have some awesome stuff in my AC house. I've got a Starman, and a bunch of moon themed stuff, even the flooring. If any of you out there are still playing AC:WW and would like this cool stuff, also give me a holler.


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