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Let the Games Begin.


You know how in Portland, The Rack is faux dingy warehouse? Last week I went to The Rack in downtown Seattle, assumedly the original one, and it is authentic dingy warehouse. I did find what I was looking for, however. I got some new simple black shoes ($50, originally $140) , and a pair of slacks for only $16. Score! I love saving money.

The impetus for this lunch hour trip to The Rack was my cousin's wedding in Corvallis. We had tons of fun at the wedding, and it was wonderful to see the whole family. I really wish I could have spent more 'quiet' time with them. There was an ad-hoc breakfast the next morning, that was in Corvallis too, and that's a good 2 hour drive from where the hubby and I were sleeping. Sigh. If we'd known in advance, we could have made it happen, but I guess that part of the family just doesn't operate that way. Ah well.

There will be more weddings this summer, so bring it on. ;)



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