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One of my personal friends started this HelpBuyUsACar site. It's all true - they do have really bad luck with cars. I am interested to see if yet another cyber-begging site can work. I'm referring to SaveKaryn (Wikipedia), SaveToby Wikipedia, even the one red paperclip guy. After all, usually only the first entrant into this field is successful; the rest are seen as uninteresting at best, or copy cats at worst. On the other hand, I wonder if $3000 is enough money to buy a good car - one that doesn't need be repaired every 6 months.

When I first visited the HelpBuyUsACar site, my initial reaction was It burns the eyes!!! I'm a professional web designer and developer, and I really just can't take that hat off. And do not look at the source code - yowza. But I'm starting to think that part of HelpBuyUsACar's charm is it's 1999-era webdesign. If the site was slick, would anyone think they needed money? Still, I may need to give the site a once-over to help it's SEO rankings...


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