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Good and Bad Podcasts.


I used to have a very long commute to work, and I started listening to podcasts to pass the time. I discovered one very good web design podcast, and one very bad web design podcast.

The very good web design podcast is the BoagWorld podcast - it's got a lot of things going for it. Number one, it's done by a couple of British guys. Americans love listening to British accents - everything sounds so much more clever in a British accent. It's entertaining, and chock full of useful content such as tips, reviews, and web-news. Thank you, Paul Boag!

The very bad web design podcast is Web Standards with Imagination by Dustin Diaz. Dustin is a bit more of a web-celeb then Paul Boag, and his website shows that he is a fine writer with excellent JavaScript / DOM skills. But he's just not a good speaker. I listened to the first half dozen or so shows, and they were all full of 'umms' and 'uhhs' and other fillers. I finally quit listening with a vengeance after he belched right into the podcast - a nice long one too! Dood! I don't care what you're drinking - that's uncool.

The curious thing about these diametrically opposed podcasts is that how each one has affected how I perceive each podcaster personally and professionally. I'll visit the Boagworld site occasionally to check out the forum or read the post. But I avoid Diaz' site, and generally discount his other articles because I just can't think of him as anyone but "that damn podcast burper." Bleck. I guess the lesson here is that it can seriously hurt your reputation and branding to release a poor product, even if it's in a different medium than your original.


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