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Canada - Redeemed.


The husband and I went to Victoria as a 3rd anniversary get-away. And it was delightful to escape the our worries in the states for just a few days. We ate a lot, walked a lot, and saw a ton of stuff. We really enjoyed setting our own pace and exploring the city as we saw fit. Victoria is a very romantic city - picturesque and very service oriented. Although the cruise boat crowds can stress the capacity of the city, particularly when dining out. It's a great place to take your sweetie for a romantic weekend. Just practice your patience, and have some emergency snacks.

Shamus the Street PerformerI must confess that the husband took this picture. But he did so on my camera, so I'm posting it. Ha! Shamus the street performer here did a fabulous job of entertaining us.

Another of the Big Blue Butterflies A Big Blue Butterfly We went to the Butterfly Gardens, an indoor butterfly zoo. I don't know recall the name of the large blue butterflies, but they're quite tricky to photograph, because they very rarely open up their wings when they land. I got very lucky - twice!

SnapdragonsWe also spent a lot of time at Butchart Gardens. It was lovely, and it was great to be able to go through the gardens at our own pace. Snapdragons are among my favorite flowers. There are quite a few more pictures, but these are the best. I tend to take quite a photos; of course not all of them are great.


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