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What Is It?


I heard a radio commercial for a product called HeadOn. The commercial said nothing about what the product was for, or what it did. The only thing I got out of it was that it's applied directly to your forehead. I Googled and learned from some reseller sites that it's a headache remedy.

The official HeadOn website was even more vaporous and unhelpful. It's as if someone set to create a commercial website that says absolutely nothing about the product. Good job, I say. Also a complaint about the source code - they're using an image map for their linked navigation images. I know that websites are supposed to avoid table-based navigation (what with CSS2 and everything) but I'm pretty sure image maps aren't a good replacement!

PS - The roofer came by today and picked up his damn shingles. I don't imagine that he (or anybody) reads this, so it must have been the Blog-fairies. Thank you Blog-fairies!


Tags: home-improvement marketing

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