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Lust for Knowledge.


I bought Danny Goodman's JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook about a year ago, and it was an excellent choice. O'Reilly's Cookbook series of books aims to provide useful, pre-written scripts (recipes) in the technology of the book. For a book written in 2003, I still found the recipes unbelievably useful, elegant and forward-thinking. It was a great purchase and provided the answers I needed on a number of occasions.

Last month, the Second Edition of the JS and DHTML Cookbook was released, and I am very jealous. There are over 20 new recipes; including AJAX and updates for the current generation of browsers. I wish I could drop my first edition into a puddle, and buy the second edition. The rest of you can avoid this remorse, by picking up a copy of the JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook, 2nd edition right now.


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