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Cursing the Heavens.


Because of my mad JavaScript skillz, I am the company Silverlight developer. I've been working with it for about a month now, and it's been slow going. I am not an animator, nor am I an applications developer. I have had some small success with Silverlight, but also some great failures. Recently, my movie player stopped working - and I have no idea why. Once I've finished with my production work, I'll be able to work on Silverlight again.

We had ordered a Silverlight book by one of Microsoft's evangelists that looked like it would be very helpful. Sure, there are many Silverlight tutorials out there, but it's difficult to find ones that are well written, or give me the knowledge foundation that I need. But Microsoft's Silverlight book's release has been pushed back another month. I think we'll have to get the O'Reilly e-books.

On the bright side, nice packages have arrived at our house recently. My tulip bulbs arrived yesterday, and today we got a laser pointer from ThinkGeek. The kitties LOVE the laser pointer. Or should I say, they hate it? In any case, they are entertained.


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