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Chance Pays Off.


Movie Gallery, which owns Hollywood Video and Game Crazy, filed for bankruptcy today. Almost a year ago was my last day working for Hollywood, where I was developing web reports for the Inventory Control. The company mood was concerned but optimistic back then, I guess things haven't gotten better.

Netfix is a tough opponent to beat, but I thought that the Moviebeam set top boxes were going to help Hollywood out. The initial price of $149.99 is too much for a consumer to pay. I'd love to do some landing page optimization on it, and test the offer, headers and call to action buttons.

Speaking of landing page testing, my current company is doing quite well. We've got a new pile of funding, and Widemile is hiring. We do really need to fill all of the positions listed there; though I'm most interested in getting the web developer position filled with an excellent candidate. Are you interested? Do you know anyone who is? Drop my name in your cover email. :)


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