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Poop Reduction Initiative.


Last week we took the cats to our vet for worms shots. We asked the vet, who is a kitty-genius, if worms would cause the kitties to poop and fart extra-stinkily. Ingrid had just invented a new trick where she would cuddle, silently fart, and then run away.

The vet said no, generally that's caused by overeating. He called it a "disease of domestication". He said that his wife often takes in strays, and initially they produce small, tight, non-smelly clumps in the litter box. But after a while of unending kitty kibble buffet, the stools become loose and smelly. He said that overeating pushed the beneficial, but smelly, micro-organisms OUT of the feline digestive system.

Once home, we began a strict regime of feeding the kitties only their alloted amount off the back of the box. Rather than topping off the dry food a few times a day, we give them each 1/2 cup kitty kibble for breakfast, ~2oz wet food after work, and 1/4 cup before bedtime.

The results have been delightful. We're spending less time scooping boxes, and less money on both food and litter. The kitties aren't starving; there's always a little kibble left in their bowls. In fact, they're probably healthier from not grazing all the time.

Galapagos Jim Galapagos Jim

I'd have to say that the poop reduction initiative was unsuccessful. There is still a lot of it. However, it does smell less. That is good.


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