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Curses and Resolutions.


I hate Monday Night Football. I hate everyone associated with those accursed Seahawks. I will forgive the Seahawks only because they managed to win the game tonight.

I work in the heart of downtown Seattle, and the football stadium is only about a mile south of my office building. Even though the commute looked to be better than last year's snowy traffic-disaster, I figured it would be prudent to leave work at 4, well in advance of the 5:30 kickoff time. For reference, my commute home is usually about 35 minutes.

I got to the bus stop well in advance of the 4:20 bus that was scheduled. But it ever came. I waited, and looked hopefully down the street. Other buses came, but not mine. I waited some more, and glared down the street. Still no ride home. I pulled out my DS and did some level grinding; still no bus.

Finally, my bus came at 4:55, and naturally it was already quite crowded; standing room only. At the next stop, the bus was full - there was simply no more room for scrunching. The bus driver asked a few times if we could make more room. "No," we in the back said. Dummy - didn't he notice that no one got off the bus?

In the end, I arrived home at 5:25, very frustrated. Just in time to see the football game start. Whoopie. Next time Monday night football rolls around, I resolve to do the following:


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