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I finally found the competitive difference between Borders and Barnes and Noble. B&N is much larger, at least in downtown Seattle, and has a larger stock of half price calendars left over from Christmas. After striking out at Borders, I was able to find two calendars that fit my needs at B&N. I got a monthly "kitten" calendar, but it's black and white, so I can pretend that it's art.

I thought I would have to resort to posting my Lil Sis' calendar. Don't get me wrong; it's a hilarious calendar; it just isn't (remotely) safe for work. I think it'll do for the home office, though. I particularly like the "Febuary" cartoon.

Galapagos Jim Galapagos Jim


Admiral Dave Admiral Dave

I like the one with the oyster.

Carolyn Carolyn

Safe for work, smaf snfor smirk. Some of them are though, but it is complicated to actually tape on the censors on the ones that arn't.


Carolyn Carolyn

woah, i identify with that icon. my password is hard to spell. But I can do it. I'm gonna see which DS games you recommend.

Katie Katie

Yes, well, you need to work on your spelling. :)

cyberditz cyberditz

Cool, I can finally make comments! Katie, you rock!



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