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State of Nintendo DS Gaming.


Ha ha! I got you, Cloud of Darkness. I finally beat the main part of Final Fantasy III for the DS. It was good; very old school - which means challenging. A secret dungeon exists in the post-game, but to to access it, I need to start exchanging Moogle - letters with other real people. How about it - do any of you have Final Fantasy III for DS? Let's hook up.

I love Puzzle Quest. I played through a second character, and I made many different choices the second time. My character is now nigh invincible. It's a fabulous game, for any of you who haven't tried it already. I have only one complaint - enough with the freaking ports to different platforms already. When do I get my Puzzle Quest II?!?

Walt Disney World is testing using DSs to enhance the visitor experience at the park. (Actual screen shots.) This is a really exciting idea - though I would be offended if there were a cost for the service. Renting a DS would be lame - I love my classy gold Triforce DS Lite.

In non-DS news, Bubble Bobble is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console! I had some Wii points, so I bought it. Those pixely dinosaurs are very large on our big TV.

Katie Katie

Puzzle Quest Sequel Revealed

Can I call them, or what?


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