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Superbowl 42.


It seems fitting that The Answer is also the universe's answer to Tom Brady. I had a great time watching the Superbowl. We really wanted the Giants to win; I much prefer the underdog story to perfection and alleged cheating. But it had been so long since our team had won that we thought we were cursing the teams. It was very exciting and heartwarming watching Manning the younger and his stunning defense shut down Pretty Boy Brady.

The ads were okay. No monkeys — not even a Trunk Monkey. There were only a few dot-come ads that stuck out to me. The Career Builder "Follow Your Heart" ad was very good. GoDaddy's implication that you might see some boobies if you went to their site was... odd. I'm not sure how large the crossover between Superbowl-watchers and domain-name buyers is. At this point, I think that Go Daddy keeps buying Superbowl Ads because owner Bob Parsons has a major bone to pick with the network censors. On the other hand, perhaps the strategy is simply to keep a reputation as the thought-leaders in domain registration. Lastly, there's SalesGenie. They dropped a few million on their ad last year, and did a couple ads this year. They've got a very confusing homepage - I keep thinking that they should get some landing page optimization from Widemile. But Salesgenie's already using Omniture, so I guess that's working out for them.

cyberditz cyberditz

There was a trunk monkey add. It was the "samurai addition." Somewhere in the first half (as that was the only part I got to watch before returning to the wonderful land of homework).

Katie Katie

Of course, how silly of me. No Trunk Monkey ads in Seattle. I looked for a samurai ad, but I couldn't find one. Hopefully someone else has the link.

Also, our sales guy corrected me - Ominture is analytics software. TouchClarity and Offermatica are their optimization platforms.


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