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I Regret Nothing.


After hands on testing, careful consideration of all of the available options, I've done it. I ordered a Macbook Air. In December, I went to a couple conferences and had to haul a big work laptop around. This made me really want something light and easy that I could take to conferences or use to code or surf on the couch.

I put my hands on the Dells and the Sonys, but none of them felt as light or as sturdy as the Air. I'm aware of all of the limitations to the Airbook, but they do not matter for my use of a laptop. I am not looking to replace my desktop computer. The applications and file formats I use will work with both Windows and Mac. I use my iPod for music, and flash drives for data.

I had the husband order the Macbook Air online; using his employee discount saved a few bucks. Now I just have to wait a couple weeks for Apple to configure and ship it.

Carolyn Carolyn

woo, new fancy design computer. Apple is good at making us want the pretty ones.


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