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State of Xbox 360 Gaming.


I'm looking forward to Lego Indiana Jones so that the husband and I can play together. And we'll probably buy the Xbox 360 version so that we can earn achievements.

Valve's Portal (part of the Orange Box) is awesome. I watched the husband play through it the first time while I was baking Christmas cookies. It's frightening, funny, and a challenging puzzler.

This brings me to one of the other games in the Orange Box: Team Fortress 2. I played the original Team Fortress a decade ago, and it was fantastic. This sequel is also fabulous. It's got a great art style, and I love the strategic class choices and focus on teamwork. I assure you, the core game here is a superior first person shooter to Halo 3. (There are some lag issues when too many players are on, and group of noobs stands no chance against a group of entrenched Engineers.) I watched the husband and his posse play a bit, and while that was fun, I very much wanted to play with them.

But I can't. Not without handing Microsoft another $50. I've got my own Xbox Live ID (or profile, if you prefer). My ID collects my achievements, my history, and my GamerScore. They're mine, dammit! But it's only a Silver Xbox Live membership, so my profile can't get on-line. I really think that the $50 annually that the husband pays should allow all profiles on that Xbox to play online. I see the membership as a fee for network access, so it should apply to all users of the console. Curse you, Microsoft!

I do realize that my refusal to pay $50 for online gaming, while dropping over 2 grand for a shiny laptop is bizarre behavior.


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