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Alpha Transparent .PNGs in IE6 Using Fireworks.


I have finally got around to researching Alex Walker's article on PNG8 and their potential to solve the old IE6 grey background with alpha transparencies problem. I am pleased to report success with this method, and I've written an article about how to edit your alpha transparency .PNGs for use in IE6.

The great news about this technique is that this works just fine, and gives you one single file that works in IE6 and earlier, but has no loss of quality in the other browsers. The bad news is that your image will have a faint jagged edge when viewed it IE6. The bad news is that if you have a lot of alpha transparency in your image, it will look pretty bad in IE6. If this is the case, you should consider re-matting the image against the desired background color.

Bear in mind that you may not need to worry about IE6. Check your your web site's stats to see if you're getting a sufficient number of IE6 users to justify the effort involved in changing all your images. The only statistics that matter in making this decision are your own.


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